Soultrip to Avalon – workshop Glastonbury April 17/19-2020

Have you always wanted to spend time in the mythical land of Avalon, surrounded by a group of people, who, just like you, want to strengthen their spiritual roots? Come and join us on a Soul trip to Avalon!

Male and female healers, lightworkers, artists and other Avalon lovers:

Who wants to attune to their own authentic energy in connection with the energy of the land?

Who wants to collect the energy field of the old clan of priests and priestesses with whom they feel a multi-dimensional connection?

Come and bring back your potential and power of light back into your awareness and your daily life!

Why come with us?

This time of increasing energy on earth makes shifting, transforming and processing of personal challenges go faster. You can connect with your authentic power of Light more easy.

But then what? How to live from your highest light and how to feel free and full of abundance?

Firstly we connect with our higher self and with the land of Avalon: with all the layers, levels and potential. By spending time with a group of like-minded people and connecting with the beautiful and magic energy of the land, you can integrate your highest light into your body. Old layers of pain will disappear and you will feel connected to your heart.

What can you expect?

As energy workers we know how important it is to work with intuition and to hold space in the moment. Everything is possible. We start the day with attunements, we hold our crystals, we bless Mother Earth, we do sound healings, we make powerful grids, we drum and we make potluck lunches full of magical ingredients.

We will visit magical places such as the Tor, the Chalice Well Gardens, Wearyall Hill and the white- and the red spring.

This retreat will be perfect for you:

If you want to celebrate and share your authentic you.

If you have the courage to stand for your own qualities and empower yourself with the magic land of Avalon.

If you want to download the high frequent energy of Avalon, which is increasing by the divine male- and feminine power and the development of the 5D awareness.

If you want to integrate these Avalon blessings into your Lightwork.

The retreat is accompanied by Avalon women, Lightworkers and 5D healers Meike Klomp and Fanny van der Horst.

More information:

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Date: Friday  17 April 2020 from 15:00 h until Sunday 19 16:00h .

Price is €333.
Please note: This amount is for the retreat, booking doesn’t include travel, accommodation and food. The group will be max 14 people.

More info on how to book: send me an email.

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Soultrip to Avalon - Avalonreis, door Fanny van der Horst en Meike Klomp


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