Distance healing

Metatron painting by http://janedelafordtaylor.weebly.com/Would you like to receive a distance healing?

This is how it works: you e-mail me to request a distance healing. We then plan a date and a time.

At the agreed time it is nice if you take a little rest and pay attention to what you notice energetically. I will then work one to one and a half hours on your distance healing.

You do not have to email me your whole story in advance. A short answer to my question: what you need most, you can answer that in approximately two sentences. The rest I experience during the alignment and healing. An attached photo of you helps me attune.

Tailored to your higher self

I will give you a healing at the appointed time, tailored to your Higher Self. I am looking at your highest light, your life purpose, your 13 chakras, your grounding, your familyline and what else presents itself.

I do what is necessary and what is possible, while I communicate with your Higher Self to check what is necessary and important for you. During that healing work I tell you things that you may need to hear (to read in my report afterwards), I’ll use soundhealing, crystals, my deer drum, energetic healing, colour healing, all kinds of essences and sprays (including the colour sprays by Amanda Ellis), oracle cards, etc. I’ll remove the energy that holds you back you and add the energy that is needed by you to recover and manifest. While doing that, I ask for guidance from archangel Metatron, who is very lovingly and powerful in creating a breakthrough, so that you can take every action needed and manifest what you want. With his help I also do a bit of reading to see what your (highest) potential is and what your next step can be. I specifically focus on what is important to you now, as a first step.

After the healing

After the distance healing I’ll record an MP3 for you in which I explain everything to you that occured. If I used oracle cards and sprays, I will mail you a photo of those. This gives you a very clear idea of what has been done and what you can do yourself from that point on. You will definitely receive usefull recommendations!

  • Distance healing one to one and a half hour
  • Reading of your 13 chakras
  • Use of healing colours, sprays, oracle cards and other tools
  • MP3 + photos via mail
  • Recommendations and tips

Your distance healing is now available for 88 euros (77 GBP).

>> Order distance healing & reading with MP3 report via email

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